Incident 61/2008

At 12:21 the Team was paged by NWAS (GMA) regarding an injured rambler on a footpath, downhill and to the West of Georges Lane, Horwich. A full Team call out was paged with our first member arriving at the roadside ambulance RVP at 12:39.

There was a short initial difficulty in locating the actual casualty site, with great help then being provided by the casualty’s son who flagged down our TL and was able to lead Team members direct to the casualty location.

Here on the footpath network in the Montcliffe area, the 78 year old female casualty’s fractured ankle had already been splinted by the responding NWAS ambulance crew.

The female rambler involved was place on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher and carried uphill to the waiting Mountain Rescue & NWAS ambulances on Georges Lane.

At 13:26 the NWAS Ambulance departed for Royal Bolton Hospital, with 19 Bolton members having been involved in this rescue / evacuation. The NWAA Helimed 08 was also responding but was stood down en-route.