Team Vehicle and Equipment Demonstration at Heskin Pemberton Primary School, Chorley

This morning we attended a team vehicle and equipment demonstration request at the summer fair of Heskin Pemberton Primary School, Chorley.

Although this school lies in the operational area of our colleagues in Bowland Pennine MRT, we were specifically asked to attend by school staff as our honoury Vice President for life, Tony McNallys grandson, Ben, attends this school.

All the children(and dare we say it more-so the adults!) enjoyed sitting in our team vehicle with the inevitable turning on and off of the vehicles sirens and blue lights.

With the receipt of a call out message this vehicle and its crew of team members Tony McNally, Elaine Gilliland and Peter Heeley had to depart quickly to attend incident 66/2008.

Rather than be dismayed at the departure of this vehicle all present at the fair were excited by this emergency call and waved our crew off.