Infusion Arm Trainer and Casualty Simulation Kit

Today the team’s latest training aid was brought into service.

This is an Infusion Air Trainer, which is a very realistic artificial arm which has been specially developed for I.V. Cannulation training.

The arm includes pump mechanisms which replicates the vein system. This equipment has been purchased at a cost of £325 to assist with the training of a small group of team members who have now been on specialist cannulation training courses, essentially meaning these members can now administer drugs intravenously rather than intramuscularly, as can the rest of the trained team membership.

Last month the team received into service, at a cost of £188.40p, a casualty simlation kit.

This is basically a comprehensive set of casualty make-up equipment with which we can simulate a wide range of casualty conditions.

Both of these items, amounting to a grand total of £513.40 have been purchased using monies donated in the memory of the #article#1770#Reverend Michael Robinson.#

A further purchase of casualty simulation wounds (realistic latex wound simluations) are also to be ordered by the team, again using monies very kindly donated in the memory of the Reverend Michael Robinson (we will report on this in the future).