Donation from casualty involved in incident 61/2008

This morning we were very pleased to receive a very kind letter from Mrs. Joan Waddicar, the casualty involved in #article#1985#incident 61/2008.#

Readers may recall Joan fractured her ankle in a fall on the track network below George’s Lane, Montcliffe (the team was called to assist NWAS (Manchester) to stretcher evacuate her to the road).

In her kind letter, Joan thanked all in the team for helping with her rescue and informed us that her ankle had been broken in three places.

Along with the letter, Mrs. Waddicar enclosed a very kind and generous £100 donation.

In her letter of thanks, Joan stated, “my son who was with me, and I very much appreciate all you did, thank you for the comfortable ride up to the ambulance (webmaster: on the stretcher). It was quite an experience!”.

The whole team wishes Mrs. Joan Waddicar a speedy and healthy recovery and a quick return to walking in the local countryside.