Incident 76/2008

An unusual weekday early morning call when at 09:33 we were contacted by NWAS (Greater Manchester) for assistance with the report of an unconcious woman on a footpath leading onto Clifton Moss, in the Newtown area of Swinton.

A full team callout message was paged at 09:39 once the RVP had been firmly established.

16 team members and two team Landrover ambulances responded, with our first member (who happened to be working nearby) on scene by 09:50.

The woman casualty was in a potentially serious condition, requiring an immediate evacuation, and with team vehicles containing our stretchers still some time away, he ambulance crew (including a Rapid Response vehicle crew member) alongside a GMP Police Officer and a GMP PCSO commenced an immediate evacuation using the ambulance scoop stretcher.

Near the end of their evacuation in this densly wooded area they were met and assisted by our first responding team member, with our Team Leader then arriving as the casualty was brought to the emergency ambulance.

A full team standdown page was sent at 10:00.