Two missing children – but not for long.

Whilst at our base on our routine Wednesday night training exercise, our Team Leader ended up dealing with a direct call from a Youth Services Leader who was concerned for the well being of two 12 year old children in his youth party who were overdue from a walk in the Giants Seat Scout camp area in Whitefield / Prestwich.

The two children had not returned from a walk and with regards to them having no torches, and it having been dark for 45 minutes, there was understandable concern.

Other children in the party with the two youth workers involved, had carried out an initial search but to no avail. Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes advised the youth worker to contact the Police, whilst at the same time placing team members already at our base on standby.

As our Team Leader was liaising with the Greater Manchester Police Force Duty Manager regards our involvement, the two children happily and safely turned up, so all ended on a good note.

This has not been recorded within the teams incident figures, as little action other than telephone calls by our Team Leader was undertaken.