Joint training with SARDA and Lowland Search and Rescue Dogs in the Wilderswood area of Bolton.

This morning into the middle of the afternoon our team operational area hosted a joint training opportunity involving our Trainee SARDA dog ’ Jess ’ and BMRT handler Alistair Greenough, the direction and advice of former BMRT member and SARDA handler Dave Marsh, four trainee dogs from Cheshire LSART and Pete and Kim Shepard from Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.

Bolton team member Elaine Gilliland joined others in acting out the role of ’ exercise casulaties’ on the lower moorland slopes of Wilders Moor, and in the woodlands of Wilderswood, both above Horwich, Bolton.

The exercise took place on a sweltering hot day, for dogs and handlers, and gave the Lowland Search Dog teams the opportunity to train on unfamiliar terrain, and yet again forge liaisons between themselves and our team.

At the same event our Team Leader Garry Rhodes handed over to Joanne McClure, Chairman of Lowland Search and Rescue Team, some medical equipment that was surplus to our needs.