Call Out just after midnight.

At 00.05 hrs just after midnight, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by the GMP Duty Force Manager, regards the teams assistance with a developing search for a missing adult and young child, the circumstances of such giving concern to the Police.

The likely search area was in the Thicketford Brow area of Bolton, with the Police helicopter already having started a search and a Police Missing Person Search Manager en route to liaise with ourselves.

At 00.09hrs the team was paged to a full standby whilst our Team Leader collected further information. Very quickly, as sometimes happens, we were stood down. (at 00.16hrs) with the news that both missing persons had been located by the Police.

This has not been recorded within the teams incident figures, as little team involvement had taken place at stand down, other than phone calls by our Team Leader and arrangements for drivers of our Team Landrovers, Control and Catering trailers.