Help support the Supporters ! Team Support Group recruiting now.

Our Support Group is currently actively seeking new members to help in their valauble task of lending support to the operational ’Call Out List’ membership on a wide range of activities and events.

Our Support Group currently meets the last Thursday of every month at 7.30pm at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

The time commitment is whatever you can offer, with membership open to all with an interest in supporting the work of the active team membership.

In essence the Support Group which is not just a fund raising group, helps the team in a great many ways, including;

  • Providing exercise casualties for our Wednesday evening team training sessions.
  • Providing exercise casualties for our Tuesday evening and Sunday morning Search Dog training exercises.
  • Assisting the Call Out list membership on Team Vehicle and Equipment demonstration days and events.
  • Assisting the Call Out list membership with our ’last Sunday in every month’ vehicle, trailers and Base / HQ valet sessions.
  • Supporting the team by assisting at Team Collection Days, ie Supermarkets and Village Fetes.
  • Helping with the regular emptying and checking of our numerous Collection Boxes out in the community.
  • Providing catering (based upon our fully equipped Catering Trailer) on larger team exercises and operational call outs, particularly search incidents.
  • Providing help with catering on the annual Mountain Rescue Foundation Course weekend in mid October, hosted by the Bolton MRT.
  • Providing support and help to Call Out list members at evening lectures and presentations on the work of the team.
  • Providing help and support to Call Out list members at Base / HQ Open Days.
  • Assisting with occassional decorating tasks and building maintenace tasks at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.
  • Organising the teams very successful Annual November Ceilidh evening.

Support Group members are covered by the teams insurances, and are issued with a Team Support Group Sweatshirt, carrying the teams logo, and a Keela Odin lightweight waterproof jacket, again bearing the teams logo, both are the same colours as the Call Out list memberships clothing.

Support Group membership of the team involves a yearly subscription of £12.00, with all members being supplied with regular copies of the Teams Training and Events Programme, contact listings and regular Incidents listings.

If you are interested in joining our Support Group and helping the valauble work of the Bolton MRT then please reply by email to or apply in writing to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, 38 Heathfield Drive, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8PW. Please give a contact address and telephone contact details in any reply.