Support Group and Call Out List membership drive, success straight away.

On the very late evening of Wednesday 30th July we posted onto our website the news of our recruitment drive for a small number of new team members to fill vacancies within our Call Out list membership.

Unbelieveably at the early morning hour of 05.57hrs today we received our first expression of interest with a completed on line initial membership application form from a nurse and hillwalker, who had just finished her evening shift, read the website and applied to join whilst the rest of us were still in the land of nod. (she received an immediate reply, well a reply a few hours later, inviting her to vist the team this Sunday to find out more about team membership.

It was a similar immediate success story with our recruitment drive for more Support Group members. In this case it was barely minutes after the article had been posted on our website that we received the first application of interest, receiving in return an immediate invitation to our monthly Support Group meeting this evening.

The team is keeping its fingers crossed that both recruitment drives meet with success, and that we fill our Call Out list vacancies and expand the membership of our Support Group very soon.