Alp Horn players gain televsion stardom (and the team gets a mention too)

Team supporters Neil and Helen Grundy in a very unique fashion, have been back at Jumbles Reservoir cafe this summer once more kindly supporting the team by raising money for us by playing their Alp Horns to, always, impressed and appreciative audiences.

Neil and Helen, both professional musicians, play their Alp Horns whenever the weather allows to visitors using the cafe and car park at Jumbles Reservoir, Bolton, and starting last summer the money they raised has been very kindly donated to the Bolton MRT.

Last night on the evening regional news programme BBC North West Tonight, Neil and Helen were both featured, at some length, with footage taken at Jumbles, followed by Neil and Helen making a studio appearance and ’playing out’ the programme, much to the delight and fascination of the presenters.

During the programme it was mentioned that they raise money, appropriately, for Bolton Mountain Rescue, and a photograph was shown of one of our Team Landrover Ambulances with team members alongside Neil and Helen, with of course their Alp Horns.

The team is very pleased to report that we have received two donations so far this year from Neil and Helen Grundy, arising from their excellent fundraising at Jumbles, £73.05 in April and just recently £73.20 in July.

If you can, do have a trip to Jumbles and listen to Neil and Helen, whilst enjoying some food and drink at the cafe, who also very kindly support the team.