Incident 78/2008

At 13:20 hours today our Team Leader was contacted directly by NWAS (Lancashire) Control regards the teams assistance at a reported incident in Lever Park, Rivington of a child injured in a horse riding accident.

The location was not immediately known other than in the general area of the Great House Barn, Rivington.

Ten team members engaged on rope work training at the nearby Cadshaw quarry were able to make an immediate response, alongside 4 members already present at our Lady Bridge Hall Base HQ.

A full team page was sent at 13:24 to RVP in the Great House Barn area (known locally as the Bottom Barn).

As our first Mountain Rescue LandRover Ambulance arrived on scene along with our Team Leader we received the information to stand down, as the responding ambulance has met up with the casualty and his party.

The North West Air Ambulance Helimed 08 was also called to this incident and stood down on scene overhead the incident location.

In total 23 team members responded to this incident, with 4 stood down on scene and the other 19 stood down responding.