Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group.

Earlier this year our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted by Mrs Irene Roocroft of the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group, regards the possibilities of the group raising some funds for the team.

Today we are pleased to announce the receipt of a letter by our Team Leader from Mrs Roocroft confirming this extremely kind intention.

In her letter to Garry, Mrs Roocroft explains that every year the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group hold a Spring Luncheon during which funds are raised for their nominated charity or charities.

To date over a 12 year period since the group first got together in 1996, they have raised over £149,000.00 for local charities, a fantastic sum of money and an absolutely amazing charitable achievement.

Mrs Roocroft further explains in her letter, that next year the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group is holding their Thirteenth Ladies’ Spring Luncheon on Wednesday mid day, 23rd April 2009. The fundraising proceeds of this luncheon will be divided between the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and Bolton Gateway Club.

The team is very honoured to have been nominated and accepted as one of two charities that the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group will be raising funds for at their 2009 Luncheon.

On the evening of Tuesday 23rd September 2008, at 19.30hrs the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group will be visiting our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for a guided tour of our premises and the usual equipment and vehicle demonstrations alongside an insight into the work of the team by our Team Leader and other team members who will be present on the evening.