New Catering Trailer accepted by team

Today the team accepted delivery of our new catering unit (trailer) from Wilkinson Mobile Catering Systems Ltd of Preston, at least two weeks ahead of the anticipated delivery date.

This could not have come at a more opportune moment as our existing catering trailer was very recently declared unroadworthy, and was sadly unavailable for use on the large scale search operation of 19th August 2008 (incident 84/2008).

Team members Sue Purtill (the team’s Catering & Base officer), Chris Greenhalgh (our Vehicles officer) and Neil Aspinall all journeyed to the Campbell Street, Preston premises of Wilkinson Mobile Catering Systems Ltd to accept delivery of the trailer today.

Neil Aspinall has played a pivotal role in the selection and purchase of this trailer, having worked alongside Sue Purtill, Chris Greenhalgh and team Vice President Tony McNally, to secure its purchase.

Our purchase at very favourable terms with huge thanks to Mike Wilkinson of Wilkinson Mobile Catering Systems Ltd, marks the first time the team has had a custom-built catering trailer purchased for service.

At a cost of £5,555.00 (excluding VAT) the catering unit is a Travelchef Plus unit with all appropriate fixtures and fittings included.

The kitchen fittings whilst under construction

The finished (or at least, almost finished) article!

Neil and Sue check out the finished trailer

The fully completed catering unit is now with Frank Hulton Motor Engineers of Farnworth (who maintain and look after our 4 Landrover Ambulances and Control Trailer) for appropriate signage and decals to match our existing vehicles & Control Trailer.

Once completed we will hold as usual, a dedication ceremony to formally accept this catering trailer into team service.

The team is extremely grateful to Mike Wilkinson of Wilkinson Mobile Catering Systems Ltd for all his personal help and assistance and that of his company in providing this trailer and also for the very fast delivery into team service since we placed the order on Thursday 7th August.

Mike Wilkinson hands over the catering trailer to Team Catering & Base Officer, Sue Purtill

We will report further through our website when this trailer is accepted into team service Meanwhile, our team members cannot wait for the culinary delights that are being promised to us now we have this excellent asset (soon to be) in team service.