Incident 88/2008

At 19.47hrs this evening, the team was paged by Greater Manchester Police to assist in the developing urgent search for a missing 19 year old young man in the Cadishead area of Irlam, Manchester.

The 19 year old had been reported missing just after 19.00hrs this same evening in circumstances which gave Police cause for concern regards the well being of this person.

A full team page was made at 19.57hrs, with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and senior team member Mike Marsh making their way direct to the search RVP on New Moss Road, Cadishead to meet with responding GMP Officers and co ordinate the developing search effort.

Arriving at the RVP at 20.30hrs our Team Leader met with the Duty Inspector, who is also a GMP Missing Person Search Manager, to formulate a search plan, which at this stage included the fringes of Chat Moss, a nearby dense woodland, a disused railway line and the Manchester Ship Canal bankings.

By 20.58hrs our first responding team members were about to be deployed to join in with the immediate search efforts of the police, when shortly afterwards the missing young man was located nearby by Police, and Police resources and the MRT response were stood down.

In total 26 Bolton MRT members were involved in this operation, alongside major GMP Divisional resources, GMP Tactical Aid Unit, a GMP General Purpose Dog Team and the Greater Manchester Police Fixed Wing Air Support Unit aircraft. British Transport Police were also involved on a nearby main railway line.