Incident 89/2008

This evening at 20:47 the Team was contacted by NWAS for assistance in a multi-agency response to an incident in Little Hulton, Salford.

NWAS (Greater Manchester) had been contacted by Greater Manchester Police (who had also informed Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service) of a report of children stuck in mud, three of whom were reportedly stuck up to their chins.

The team at the time of call was on its routine Wednesday evening exercise and a large number of team members had to be recalled from the moors to RVP at Hordern Stoops for immediate dispatch to the incident location on open land in the Kenyon Way area of Little Hulton.

During the teams response news was received that a total of 7 children were involved of which 4 were originally stuck in mud but were now free with one of the 4 possibly missing.

A quick resolution by police, fire and ambulance resources on scene led to the teams stand down with one of our members on scene at the circa 21:05 stand down.

Resources involved in this incident included our 4 team LandRovers, 29 team members, an NWAS (GMA) RRV and emergency ambulance, GMP police officers and PCSOs, the GMP air support unit helicopter, GMFRS pump appliances from Farnworth and Eccles fire stations, the water rescue incident unit from Eccles fire station and a senior fire officer.