BMRT/RBS Makeover

Early this morning, Carl Foster and the Strategy and Design Team of the Royal Bank of Scotland arrived at Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ to undertake a makeover – see news articles dated 3rd September and 29th July 2008.

Team member, Elaine Gilliland, who has been co-ordinating the redecoration/refurbishment of the base greeted, Carl, along with Jamie Fairclough, Ian Doherty, Tim Jackson, Helen Meskell, Jo Ainsley and Nadia Meherzi.

No ‘Monday Morning Blues’ were seen with this group, all came motivated, enthusiastic and ready to get their hands dirty. First things first though, cups of coffee all round as we planned who would be tackling which activity.
Throughout the day the outside of the base/HQ was cleaned, cleared and redecorated including the main front door, the catering shelter, and the washroom and toilet block doors and window frames. Internally, the garage floor was wire brushed and painted with protective paint and the hall/stairway access was glossed to allow for continuous cleaning.

Once again, thanks must be given to Peter Hughes at Johnstone Leyland Paint for the very kind donation of paint, wood protector and other materials.

Not only were the tasks undertaken enthusiastically, but with fun and contentment in realising a sense of achievement when the tasks were complete.

Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ is looking excellent due to the commitment of the Royal Bank of Scotland Strategy and Design Team and Peter at Johnstone Leyland Paints.
The Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to express sincere thanks and we look forward to working with them again in the near future