Team vehicle and equipment demonstration at Leigh Fire Station.

As part of the teams continuing programme of ’Mountain Rescue awareness’ visits to our colleagues in other emergency services, this evening the team visited Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Leigh Fire Station to carry out a team vehicle and equipment demonstration.

10 team members headed by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE attended Leigh Fire Station at 19:00 this evening, meeting up with the on duty ’Blue Watch’ crew, joined by Firefighters from the neighbouring Atherton Fire Station. (also GMFRS)

At the fire station we were met by GMFRS Leigh Blue Watch Manager Paul Sharples, who welcomed the team members.

The appliance bays had been emptied to accommodate our BM 1,2,and 3 Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, and to allow us to place the contents of one of our Land Rover first Response vehicles and our Incident Support Land Rover on full display indoors.

Whilst team members were arranging the kit demonstration, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes and fellow team member Chris Greenhalgh (himself a GMFRS Firefighter with Green Watch, Broughton – Salford Fire Station) gave the Blue Watch Firefighters from Leigh and Atherton, an overview of the Bolton MRT, our capabilities and resources.

It was then into the appliance bays for a quick overview of the equipment we have at our disposal and then some ’hands on’ work with all the equipment items.

As ever there was considerable interest shown in the wide range of search and rescue equipment we have within the team, and lots of questions (hopefully answered) on what we can do, how to call us out, etc.

In turn there was a demonstration of the standard Line Rescue kit carried on all GMFRS pump appliances, and a look around the appliances based at Leigh for some of our team members.

The team would like to thank Blue Watch Manager Paul Sharples for his hospitality and for inviting us to Leigh Fire Station, and to the duty Blue Watch crews at Leigh and Atherton, and the visiting officer from Eccles Fire Station for their iobvious interest in the team and what we can offer by way of assiting the Fire Service at incidents.

On Sunday 16th November this year we will be carrying out a similar exercise for GMFRS Green Watch at Broughton – Salford Fire Station, hopefully being joined by the duty watch from Agecroft Fire Station.