Membership ‘comings and goings’ within the team.

As with any voluntary organisation, members personal circumstances can change which have an impact on their availability and time they can devote to the team.
Over the last few weeks we have lost some valued team members from our Call Out list, and record here with thanks their contribution to the team.

Gyles Denn has reluctantly stood down after being in the team for over ten years, and was latterly serving as our Equipment Officer with responsibilities for all our crag and line rescue equipment and our stretchers.

As a Forensic Toxicologist with the Home Office, Gyles also authored our ’Forensic Protocol’ document which has seen publication on a national basis within the Mountain Rescue press.

Neil Ramsbottom who joined the team in early 2003 has left recently to undertake a three year course of study at University.

Blake Jackson who joined in February 2007 has similarly left to concentrate on his studies.

Becky Roberts who joined in April 2007 as a medical student has now qualified as a Doctor, and with extra demands on her time can no longer meet the teams call out list commitment levels, she has however transferred to our Support Group membership.

On the joiners side, Hayley Mather has recently rejoined the team from leaving in February 2007.

We also have two (remaining) Probationary members from our last intake who are steadily working their way to Trainee Team Membership. (Pedro Seromenho and David Carter.

Team member Fred Taylor has stepped into the gap as our Equipment Officer (Co Opted) for crag and line rescue equipment and stretchers.

At present the team is not actively recruiting new call out list members, with our next such membership intake provisionally scheduled for February 2009.
The team is however still actively recruiting members to our Support Group, which meets at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ the last Thursday in each month.