Beaver Scouts get mucky

As part of their community service award, the young Beaver Scouts at 25th Bolton South (St. Thomas and St. John Lostock) wanted to wash one of the team’s Landrover ambulances this evening.

Team member Mike Marsh collected our BM3 Landrover Ambulance from it’s Ladybridge Hall base and made the short journey to the Beaver’s meeting place in Lostock, (driving through as many muddy puddles as he could on the way!).

Around 20 Beaver Scouts lent a hand to clean the vehicle – everyone having turned up with their own bucket and sponge!

After an hour of throwing soap and water about the place (with some of it actually hitting the vehicle instead of the adults), we finished with a nice shiny Landrover!

Thanks to all the Beavers Scouts and their leaders at 25th Bolton South for inviting us to their meeting tonight and for doing such a good job of cleaning our ambulance!