Visit to team by Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group

This evening the team welcomed a small party of 6 women from the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group who as readers will recall are holding a Spring Luncheon on Wednesday 23rd April 2009 to raise funds to be divided between the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and Bolton Gateway Club.

Upon arrival at 19:30, the ladies were met by our Chairman Ken Oakes and our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE.

Garry gave a short introductory talk on the team to the ladies and rekindled a friendship, as one of the ladies, Mrs. Locke, was known to Garry from the team’s past as the wife of former team Chairman, Joe Locke.

One of the other ladies present was no stranger to Search & Rescue as her son had been on RAF Search & Rescue Wessex helicopter aircrew at RAF Kinloss, Scotland.

The ladies present were delighted to be shown our Team Leader Garry Rhodes’ MBE Medal, congratulating him personally on this great honour.

The six ladies were then given a tour of our base and a vehicles & equipment demonstration by Team Chairman Ken Oakes and Trainee Team Member Elaine Gilliland.

Eliane was delighted to accept an invitation to attend the Bolton Ladies’ Fundraising Group Spring Luncheon on Wednesday 23rd April 2009 by the ladies present to act as the team’s representitive for the formal cheque donation handover (Elaine is very much looking forward to the fashion show which forms a part of this spring luncheon).

(Please also see news article dated Thursday 14th August 2008)