Additional throwline purchases by the team

For a number of years the team has had each of its four Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulances equipped with two types of water throwline, to effect the rescue of a person in distress in water. (essential pieces of kit given the number of reservoirs and lakes in our team area)

On waterside rescues and searches we have equipped our parties with these throwlines, (mainly in case we fall in ourselves!) but to improve our overall water safety we decided to purchase more throwlines / throwbags.

This evening at a total purchase cost to the team of £267.81 we introduced into team service 10x further throwlines / throwbags. Six are now in our Bolton Mobile 3 vehicle specifically to be used by our rescue and search parties when working alongside water, the other four are with individual team members (kept in their vehicles) who number amongst our regular first on scene team members.

The team places a great emphasis on our safety alongside water, with each team member having a personally issued PFD, (that’s a personal flotation device or life jacket to you and me) which are always appropriately worn when there is a danger of falling into water on team operations.

We also train regularly on local reservoirs in throwline / throwbag practice, using (sometimes) members of local diving clubs for target practice, with their permission of course! our canoeists and kayakers also feature on our target list.