Purchase by team of ‘ Plastifol ‘ wound replicas.

Today we placed into service our latest casualty simulation equipment purchase, three different sets of ’ Plastifol ’ wound replicas, from Brownings Plastics Limited.

Previously donations in the memory of the late Reverend Michael Robinson, have allowed us to purchase an Infusion arm trainer (£325.00) and a Casualty Simulation make up kit, (£188.40). See previous ’news’ article dated Sunday 8th June 2008)

This latest purchase at a total cost of £249.60 has again been made possible from the monies donated to the memory of the late Reverend Michael Robinson.

The three purchased sets consist of various soft washable, reuseable, wound replicas, which when used in conjunction with our previously purchased casualty simulation make up kit, will give a degree of realism to casualty training exercises not previously available to the team.

The wounds of all types (and sizes) even come with ’blood pumps’ for added realism ! Just a small range of examples include; nail wounds, lacerated wounds, replica fractures, traumatic amputation injuries, a broken nose, dislocated fingers, dog bites, eye injuries and burns.

So it’s now over to our ’make up crews’ to work out what horrors they can conjour up for our future casualty care training sessions.