Trial and evaluation by the team of SATMAP ACTIVE 10 GPS equipment.

With thanks to Satmap Systems Limited, see, the team is currently trialing and evaluating a SATMAP ACTIVE 10 GPS Unit for a one month free period, on loan from Satmap Systems Limited.

The hand held, waterproof, robust cased unit has been kindly supplied with 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map data covering the whole of the Greater Manchester and the Lancashire areas.

Also supplied has been a very comprehensive amount of ancillery equipment for the unit, including IT cabling, battery combinations and all manner of power / connection leads. In total the entire package on loan to the team is worth £484.95, and the team is obviously very grateful to Satmap Systems Limited for their trust and faith in the team in loaning this equipment to us.

The unit is currently under trial with those team members very familiar with using GPS technology in the field, that is whilst out hillwalking, mountaineering and mountain biking, alongside of course use on Mountain Rescue training exercises and incidents within the team, which is of course the reason why it was kindly loaned to us !

The units principal feature is a large full colour OS map display with a constant screen GPS co ordinates read out display. At a future date the team is hoping to trial this same unit with the additional downloads of Street A to Z information and aerial imagery for our team operational area.

The team would like to thank all at SatMap Systems Limited, and particularly their Director Richard Calthrop – Owen, and their Sales and Marketing Executive Lewis Price, for their help to date with this equipment loan, and for their initial contact with the team at this years Mountain Recue Conference at Stirling in September 2008.