‘Mountain Rescue’ Hummer arrives in Bolton

Well it arrived tonight on a multi week loan from General Motors to our team, one Hummer H3 vehicle fully liveried up for Mountain Rescue use.

In this the 75th Anniversary year of Mountain Rescue in the United Kingdom, Hummer partnered up with Mountain Rescue England and Wales and donated this vehicle for the use of mountain Rescue teams in England and Wales, to raise the profile and peoples awareness of Mountain Rescue.
After doing the rounds so to speak with other teams in England and Wales, it’s now come to our team for our use over the next few weeks.

In its very distinctive all over yellow paint scheme it should be very easily recognisable when out and about in the team area. Hummer have specially enhanced this vehicle for its Mountain Rescue role, including grill and roof mounted spotlights, panel protection and a full length roof rack.

In its time with the team, it will carry the callsign Bolton Mobile 5, and will be utilised primarily as a personnel carrier and emergency support vehicle within the team, whilst being evaluated by a very wide range of the team membership.

As part of their support package to Mountain Rescue, General Motors are also providing off road driver training tuition to our team, and we will report on this as it occurs.

The Hummer H3 was collected tonight by Bolton MRT Call Out list members Ken Oakes and Chris Tennant from Woodhead MRT where it has been since mid September 2008.

You will be able to view this vehicle (alongside our other vehicles) at the ’Light Fantastic’ event at Mose Gate Country Park, Farnworth, on the evening of Saturday 11th October 2008, and on Sunday afternoon, 12th October 2008 at the ’Dig it’ event at Queens Park, Bolton.
Also look out for it around the Rivington, Belmont, Darwen, Egerton and Edgworth areas over the coming weeks.

The team is very grateful to all at General Motors / Hummer for the loan of this vehicle and their support of Mounatin Rescue England and Wales.