Entonox equipment replacement

Readers of this news section will know that the team are equipped with
Entonox® pain-killing gas (sometimes called “gas and air”) and that
we use it very frequently. Well, sometimes things break when in such
frequent use, and so it was with the valve on one of our four
operational Entonox(R) sets. Our medical equipment officer made a
hurried visit to the North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester) at Highfield Ambulance Station at Royal Bolton Hospital to see if our colleagues there could help us in any way.

Once again we are delighted to record and acknowledge the excellent
cooperation between ourselves and our colleagues in the ambulance
service: the staff were exceptionally helpful and took steps without
hesitation, lending us equipment for two days and then returning our
own set fully functional.

So, Stephen Bradshaw and colleagues, a big thanks from everybody in
our team not only for getting us going again, but for the way you went
about helping us and the kindness you showed.