The ‘Hummer’ visits the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit helicopter ‘ India 99’

Today, experienced team members Fred Taylor and Chris Greenhalgh journeyed with our Team Landrover Ambulance BM1 and BM5 (the Mountain Rescue Hummer) to Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit helicopter (’India 99’) which is based at City Airport Manchester, Eccles. (Barton Airport as was)

The Police Officers and aircrew based here were keen on having a look at the latest addition to our vehicle fleet (albeit on temporary loan from General Motors / Hummer) and were very impressed by it, so impressed that Chris our Team Vehicles Officer suggested a vehicle swap, a Hummer for a helicopter. (a fair swap he thought!)

After having a look around the vehicle, Chris and Fred were then shown the layout of the new helicopter (this has only just been introduced into service). Numerous pictures were taken of BM5 (our radio call sign for the Hummer whilst it’s with the Bolton MRT) alongside ’India 99’ by the Police photographer.

Following this we were invited into their control building and over a brew updated them on up and coming team training exercises and events where we could potentially work together. We were then shown, to our surprise, very clear footage from the incident we had attended on the previous day. They had also been dispatched to this incident and were attempting to guide the Air Ambulance (’Helimed 08’) to the casualty location. (see Incident 103, Sunday 12th October 2008)

Many thanks to all our friends at the Greater Manchester Air Support Unit (helicopter ’India 99’) for allowing us to visit their base and the interest, as ever, shown in the work of our team. (now about this swap…!)