more adventures of the “Mountain Rescue Hummer” whilst with Bolton MRT

Today the “Mountain Rescue Hummer” kindly on loan to the team (and of course Mountain Rescue in general) went on more adventures and visits with the team.
First stop was to Frank Hulton Motor Engineers of Farnworth, Bolton.
Frank looks after all four of our Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, indeed he fitted out each one when they first came to us from the dealers brand new.
He also looks after the mechanical checks on our two trailers, (Catering and Control).

So who better to cast an expert eye over the Hummer than Frank himself. From the look on his face when he saw it parked on his forecourt, it isnt the type of vehicle which is seen there often, although he did admit to carrying out work on Hummers before. The smile soon changed to a look of shock when Chris Greenhalgh jokingly explained it was there for a new gearbox. Frank had a look around the vehicle with interest and was very impressed with it.
Then on went the trade plates, (to join Franks big wide smile with his new vehicle to test) and off went Frank for a short test drive.

His smile was still there when he came back to sadly hand the vehicle keys back to Chris Greenhalgh our Vehicles Officer.

Then the Hummer went to Farnworth Tent Valetting, who make (and repair) our Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulance roofrack covers. An interesting offer has been extended by the Manager of Farnworth Tent Valetting, just keep watching this website!

Finally tonight team member Fred Taylor, whose daughter Alex works as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher at the North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area) Paramedic Emergency Control at Belle Vue, Manchester, took the Hummer down to the NWAS (GMA) PEC to show the vehicle to all the staff at Belle Vue Control and the adjoining Belle Vue Ambulance Station.

Tomorrow afternoon, arrangements permitting the Hummer is on a photocall with the Bolton News, who are going to carry a feature on the vehicle and its ’stay’ with the team.

Keep watching this website for more news of where the Hummer is going to turn up next with the team. (one trip for ’it’ being organised within the team involves the Hummer and something long, steep and white!)