Thanks received regarding Incident 103, Sunday 12th October 2008

Today we received two thankyou emails, the contents of which are self explanatory from the casualty and one of her companions, involved in Incident 103, Sunday 12th October 2008.
The following represent extracts from both emails.

“Hello I was one of the mountain bikers on Rivington this weekend, just to say thanks for all your help. Sarah has a broken collar bone and a few grazes but was back home Sunday night and will be out of action for a while. The hospital suspected a fractured sternum for a while but the xray showed that was all clear. The ride in the helicopter helped her cope with the pain!!!”

“On a more serious note, many many thanks for your prompt response and care…..”
“Many Thanks, Amanda Reddy.”

“Hi ! I am Sarah Nock, the mountain biker who was rescued from Rivington Pike on Sunday 12th October. I would like to say thank you very much to all the rescuers who were involved in getting me off the hill. I do have a fractured collarbone and am in a lot of pain but I am so grateful for all the work from the various teams on Sunday.”

“Also, once I am well and truly back on my feet I will carry out some fundraising for the various groups who rescued me.”

“Many thanks once again, Sarah Nock.”

The whole team wishes Sarah a very speedy recovery back to full health, and of course back to mountain biking on the local hills.