Team member Fred Taylor becomes MPSRO Water Safety representative

At this evenings business meeting of our regional mountain rescue body, the Mid Pennine Search and Rescue Organisation, (MPSRO) very experienced and long serving Bolton MRT Call Out list member Fred Taylor was elected to the newly created post of MPSRO Water Safety representative.
As such Fred will take on an important regional liaison role with our MR England and Wales National Officer for Water Safety and related matters.

Fred has an impressive pedigree in relation to water, both on the surface via his many and varied boating qualifications, and underwater via his previous work as a professional diver (something he still does recreationally) which has taken him in the past to many locations including the North Sea Oil Field.

With many MRTs not least our own, becoming involved in flood relief work, working alongside still and flowing water and swift water search and rescue, this post carries much importance and current relevence.

Fred will expand his current role within our team in teaching all things wet and flowing, to a wider regional basis offering advice when it is requested, and acting as a link between the national officer and the regional MRTs / SRTs.