Two new Trainee Team Members, two new Probationery Team Members

Congratulations to our two latest Trainee Team Members, who after a period as Probationery members have moved a step up so to speak on their way to Full Team Call Out list membership. As trainees they will be able to attend all team activities, including Call Outs (under supervision of course) and have been issued with their full compliment of team personal kit items.

So its congratulations to Dave Carter of Bolton, a 24 year old plumber / heating engineer, and to Pedro Seromenho, a 34 year old IT Developer from Leigh. Dave on his first day out with the team ended up attending a call out in the company of our esteemed Team Leader Garry Rhodes, (3rd August 2008, Incident 78) so right from the start he knew what he was letting himself in for!

Welcome also to two new Probationery members, Doctor Clare Whitney, aged 27 years old of Horwich, and Doctor Sarah Drake aged 23 years old of Withington, Manchester(who is a colleague of former Call Out list member and now Support Group member Doctor Becky Roberts).

Both coincidentally found themselves right from the start involved in team call outs, as on two occasions when visiting the team on respective Sundays, they were involved in call out responses alongside team members (well they are both Medical Doctors, so we were not going to leave them behind at our base / HQ!)
Both have been issued with the minimum amount of team kit items to fulfill general health and safety requirements in the team.