Team to the rescue of NWAS crew

At 00:01 today, NWAS (Manchester) paged the team, requesting our assistance with the recovery of a Paramedic Ambulance which had become stuck on a “muddy field” in Ashton-in-Makerfield, whilst leaving the scene of an earlier 999 call.

This call was first made in a direct phone call from NWAS Control to our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, who was on holiday in India at the time. Despite the availablility of direct international calls he suggested NWAS control page the team!

The patient had been transferred to another NWAS Ambulance, and we were asked to assist with the recovery of the “stuck” ambulance.

8 team members responded, prepared for a tricky extrication. On arriving at the incident location, it was found to be a much easier job than originally anticipated, nevertheless it did involve the use of a team vehicle, its winch, and our associated towing strops, pulleys and shackles.

The incident arose out of an easy-to-make mistake, with the driver of the NWAS ambulance thinking the grassy area on which he was attempting to turn around the vehicle was much firmer than it actually turned out to be.

Due to the weight of the vehicle, the ambulance had sunk into the mud and was unable to drive out under its own steam.

Using our BM1 Landrover Ambulance (with its winch kit), the NWAS Ambulance was towed out in less than 20 minutes with no damage to either vehicle.

Grateful thanks were received from NWAS (Manchester) Control as well as the crew of the Ambulance! Team members and vehicles returned to Bolton and the incident was concluded at 02:20.