‘Mountain Rescue Hummer’ Continues its Travels

Today the ’Mountain Rescue Hummer’ continued its travels around the teams’ area. Full Team Callout members Mark Scott, Elaine Gilliland and Ged Clarke took the ’Hummer’ out for a tour.

The first stop was to our friends at Jumbles Reservoir Cafe. The cafe kindly hosts one of the teams collection boxes. The team is completely voluntary and relies on donations, the collection box network is an important funding stream for the team.

The next stop was to visit Manor Pharmacy, Greenmount to meet Keith Lemon, the pharmacist at Manor Pharmacy. Manor Pharmacy kindly offers us much support and considerable help with the purchase of various drugs that the team is allowed to administer.

One of the reasons we have the ’Hummer’ is to test the machines suitability as a vehicle suitable for Mountain Rescue, that includes its off road performance, so the first off road experience for the day was to climb to Peel Tower. Here the ’Hummer’ was spotted by some children who rushed over for a sit in the ’Hummer’.

On to Darwen. Firstly dropping in to Darwen Police Station, where Police Officers PC 3870 Catheryn Smith and PC 3695 James Evans were shown around the ’Hummer’, which has been doing the rounds of all Mountain Rescue teams across the UK to celebrate 75 years of Mountain Rescue.

The next stop was to Darwen Ambulance Station, but as happened previously at Royal Bolton Hospital, all ambulances were out responding to emergencies.

The second off road test for the ’Hummer’ for the day was a trip to the base of Darwen Tower. Here the ’Hummer’ attracted the attention of some local mountain bikers, who spoke to our members at length about the work of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Finally the ’Hummer’ took a trip to the grounds of Boltons local Premiership football club, Bolton Wanderers. Unfortunately we weren’t able to test the ’Hummers’ off-road capabilities for a third time today, so had to make do with a photograph outside the grounds!