Purchase of a Third Team Trailer

Today we can announce the recent purchase of a trailer for the transportation of the teams Aireshelter and associated generator and fan. (It can also be used of course for other team kit.)

Team members John Parish and Fred Taylor had researched the availability of suitability trailers and eventually selected a trailer from www.quadsinn.co.uk who are based in Nantwich, Cheshire.

John picked up the trailer in flat-pack form with one of our team Landrovers, with the being trailer loaded on to the roof rack of the Landrover by fork-lift truck. On getting the trailer home, John had an interesting time retrieving the trailer from the roof without the aid of a fork-lift… John then built the trailer (using all of his schoolboy days Mecanno knowledge) before bringing it to the team on the 15th October.

The cost of the trailer was £531, funded from the Turton Rotary Club donation made on Wednesday 17th September 2008 (see previous news article from the same date).

The team is very grateful to the Turton Rotarians for their donation which has gone towards this purchase.Along with our Control and Catering trailers, this is now the third trailer the team use.