Team Annual Ceilidh

For the second year running our Annual Ceilidh took place tonight under the organisation of our Support Group, having been organised upto and including 2006 by the call out team members.

Taking place at the excellent venue and usual team Ceilidh location of St Mary’s Church Hall, Horwich, all present were yet again entertained by the fantastic ’Toll Bar Band.’ (who this year had a few surprises up their sleeves with the introduction of some new dances into the evening)

With numbers a little down on all previous years due to a variety of reasons unique to this year, there was a little more space on the dance floor this year for all the dancers to carry out their well practised (or in the case of team members Paul Brain and Matthew Hailwood, less well practised!) moves in time to the usual excellent and humourous ’caller.’

A unique attraction this year was the guest appearance of the Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men (and women) along with their musicians, who entertained all present during the ’pie and peas’ supper break (and a chance to rest our dancing feet) with a number of dance routines. It was exclaimed rather than running up and down Winter Hill carrying a stretcher we could invite the Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men to take the team through one of their dance routines as a fitness test.

A raffle held on the night raised £95.00 for the team, thanks to the team Support Group ’Sales Team.’

The team would like to thank all those who attended this annual event for their support (and sheer entertainment value of watching some people try their best to follow the dance moves!)

We would also like to thank Hazel Kennedy of our Support Group for organising this years event, and her Support Group colleagues Iain Clarkson, Howard and Teresa Gilliland, and Gillian Gregory for their work selling tickets on the door, raffle ticket sales and dishing out the ’pie and peas’ supper to all present. (and yet again team call out list member Fred Taylor got the prize for ’most tickets sold’ bringing along a number of his family and friends).

Next years exact date is not yet organised, but it will be around the same time in November and at the same venue, so heres an invitation in advance for you all to join in the fun. (and do not worry if you cannot dance, no matter how bad you are Support Group member Gillian ’two left feet and one minute behind everyone else’ Gregory will make your attempts look good!) And as team call out member Matthew Hailwood says. “Its better than staying home watching a Bill Bailey DVD!” What better praise can you receive than that?