Latest news on Team Supporters Neil and Helen Grundy (of Alphorn fame)

Today we can announce that very valued team supporters and fundraisers husband and wife Neil and Helen Grundy, who raise considerable sums of money for the team by playing their ’Alphorns’ at Jumbles Cafe / Information Centre, now have their own website at
This website can be accessed from the direct link within the ’ Links ’ page of our website.

Furthermore we are very pleased to announce that over the course of this year, Helen and Neil have raised for the team £378.56 (with we believe an additional circa £45.00 still to come in)

To date since Helen and Neil started to raise funds for the team in the summer of 2007, they have jointly donated to the team the fantastic grand total of £542.45.

Their unique Alphorn playing has even been featured on regional television this year, including a mention that they “rather appropriately raise money for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team at the same time as entertaining visitors to Jumbles.”