Mountain Rescue ‘Hummer’ visits Bolton Central Fire Station

As regular readers know, two of our Mountain Rescue Landrover Ambulances are stored in the grounds of Bolton Central Fire Station (BFS in our communications).

Sunday evening following the crane exercise in Bury Town Centre (see ’news’ item dated 23rd November 2008), Jim Rochford from Blue Watch, based at Bolton Fire Station asked team members packing away our Landrover Ambulances about the ’Hummer’ he had seen in the press and out and about.

So this evening team members Elaine Gilliland and Paul Brain took the General Motors ’Hummer’ to Bolton Fire Station to allow Blue Watch to have a closer look at the vehicle.

The Fire Fighters on duty spoke to Elaine and Paul about the work of the team and discussed the crane exercise that had taken place on Sunday.

Also visiting the station were members from Horwich Youth Express Group, who also had the opportunity to look around the vehicle.