Tent Valeting Services Ltd lend a hand

Tent Valeting Services (T.V.S.) Ltd. are a family run business which is based on Egerton Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth. They have been very helpful and supportive of the team for a number of years now. They have made various different equipment covers, roofrack covers and storage cases as well as carrying out repairs all to a very high standard suitable for the sustained use we at Bolton Mountain Rescue put our equipment through.

The team has recently purchased a trailer (see ’news’ article dated 9th November 2008) to transport our aireshelta, generator and other equipment in. The aireshelta is a large inflatable shelter which can be used on searches and other large incidents to provide a dry shelter for team members allowing us to escape the worst of the weather we are asked to work in. This trailer then needed a cover which would protect all this equipment from the elements and secure it in the trailer. T.V.S. kindly agreed to make us this cover free of charge. Earlier this month we took the fully loaded trailer over to their premises in Farnworth for it to be measured up as it would need to be tailor made to fit.

Today the team travelled back to Tent Valeting Services Ltd to collect the new cover in one of our Landrover ambulances, together with the trailer. The Mountain Rescue ’Hummer’ also made the trip out.

All at Bolton Mountain Rescue team would like to thank Tent Valeting Services and all the staff for their help and support.