50th Birthday Congratulations to Tricia Dorgan

Happy 50th birthday congratulations to Mrs Patricia (Tricia) Dorgan (maiden name Daly) an ex team member who met and married her husband Dave Dorgan when they were both Team Callout list members. (Dave Dorgan was Deputy Team Leader in our team between 1985 and 1987).

Both have been out of the team for quite some time now but have never forgotten their association with and the friendships formed within the team.

On this, Tricias 50th birthday, she decided to do something a little different and in the company of close family, relatives and friends (including ex-team members) she decided to undertake today multiple ascents of Rivington Pike whilst the rest of her party kept to the more ’sensible’ option of walking over the Pike once on a trip from the Jolly Crofters to the Great House Barn in Rivington.

Besides the fun of this, there was also a fantastic purpose behind this walk in raising funds for our team.

8 Team Members in 4 team vehicles had agreed to shadow the walk today which we set out with every intention to do.

Meeting up with Tricias husband, ex Deputy Team Leader and ex Callout list member Dave Dorgan at the base of Rivington Pike we were playing catch-up with Tricias party in the beautiful, crisp, sunny winter weather of today (down below on the Lancashire Plain all was grey with a total cloud inversion), when we received a call out from NWAS (Manchester) and the 8 team members present all had to depart immediately.

All was not lost however as whilst some members of the team were responding to this incident our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon and Team Member Alan James met up with Tricia Dorgan and her party at the Great House Barn, Rivington to wish her a happy birthday.

The team has already received an £25 cheque donation to honour Tricias birthday with Tricia telling us she now has a lot of counting to do and will then send us the happy news of how much she has raised.