Incident 115/2008

Today 8 team members in 4 team vehicles whilst in the team area with the prior knowledge of NWAS (Manchester) control (see the Tricia Dorgan story from today) received a callout from NWAS to the report of a rugby player who had suffered a serious injury on playing fields in the Leigh area.

Team members arrived on scene to meet up with the responding NWAS Rapid Response Vehicle Paramedic, to discover a rugby player from a Yorkshire rugby team had sustained a very serious dislocated shoulder.

Entonox pain-killing gas and morphine was administered, with the injured player then being stretcher evacuated to the nearby roadside.

It was decided to transport the injured rugby player direct to hospital in the rear of our BM2 Landrover ambulance still on our stretcher, with the NWAS paramedic staying with the casualty.  (we drove the rapid response vehicle to hospital on the paramedics behalf).

This incident took place during freezing fog conditions with poor visibility and temperatures hovering around 0 degree centigrade.