Mountain Rescue Hummer Leaves Bolton

Today is the day Bolton Mountain Rescue Team has to say goodbye to the General Motors Mountain Rescue H3 Hummer. Tomorrow General Motors collect the vehicle which has been available on loan to all Mountain Rescue Teams in England & Wales to celebrate the 75th Anniversary since the formation of the Mountain Rescue Organisation.

The Hummer has been with the team since 9th October 2008 and has been an excellent promotional tool, visiting many of the sites and personalities who kindly support the team.

The Hummer has also been utilised alongside our Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulances as a personnel carrier on the many incidents that have occured during its period with us. We have travelled in the region of 2000 miles in the Hummer.

The team would like to thank all at General Motors and Hummer UK in providing the Hummer for our purposes, not only with the vehicle but also in providing our members with valuable off road training.

Team member Fred Taylor sadly shed a tear in the passing of the Hummer. Team vehicle officer Chris Greenhalgh is once more reduced to managing a 4 vehicle fleet and no longer has the additional task of arranging the next ’adventure’ for the Hummer whilst with the team. (And our team leader Garry Rhodes never got the chance to drive the Hummer.)