Fantastic donation news from ‘ Jim at the Shed ‘ and Bibby Line Group Charities Trust

Regular readers of our website will be familiar with the wonderful and long standing support the team receives from Jim Fletcher at the ’Shed’ in Belthorn village on the outskirts of Darwen.

Jim has held a collecting box at the ’Shed’ for a good many years now and makes some fantastic cash donations to the team.
Jim Fletcher recently contacted Gillian Gregory in our Support Group, who co-ordinates our Collecting Boxes, with some great news about some donations we were to receive.

Well today we received these donations and what a fantastic surprise it has been.

Jim has informed us that the collecting box at the ’Shed’ has raised £200.10p, to this Jim has very kindly personally donated a further £300.00 to make it up to £500.10p. (huge thanks Jim from all the team membership)

In a further surprise, one of Jims friends, who works for ’Bibbys Distributors’ told Jim it was ’Bibbys Distributors’ bi-centenary, which Bibbys are celebrating by making charitable donations to celebrate their 200 years in business.

Bibbys kindly offered to make a substantial donation via Jim to the team, promising to try and match his donation.

Today via Jim we have received £400.00 from the ’Bibby Line Group Charities Trust,’ making the total donation upto £900.10p

In a very appreciated and very charitable supportive kind gesture Jim immediately made a further personal donation to the team of £100.00, in his words “to round up the total donation to £1,000.00.” (or £1,000.10p if our readers want us to be exact!)

This is a huge donation and all at the team are extremely grateful to all who support the team via the collecting box at the ’Shed’ Belthorn, to ’Bibbys Distributors’ and the ’Bibby Line Group Charities Trust,’ and last but not least to a very appreciated and kind friend and supporter of the team, Jim Fletcher of Belthorn. (also known to us as ’Jim at the shed’, Belthorn.)