Fantastic Christmas donation from Lancashire Constabulary Eastern Division, Darwen Police Station

Late this morning our Team Chairman Ken Oakes, Equipment Officer Fred Taylor and Trainee Team Member Elaine Gilliland, jointly journeyed to Darwen Police Station, Union Street, Darwen, to receive a cheque donation from Officers based at Darwen.

Taking along one of our four Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, the four were absolutely amazed and totally surprised to be presented with a huge donation of £1,427.82!

This truely appreciated and very large donation had been raised at a Christmas Social for Police Officers and staff, on Tuesday evening 9th December 2008 at the Lancashire Constabulary Eastern Division Sports and Social Club (Darwen Sub Division.)

Each year the Darwen Sub Division hold a Christmas Social to raise funds for local charities, and in the recent past have supported such worthy causes as local hospitals and hospices.

This year we were very kindly selected as the sole charity beneficiary for funds rasied at the December 9th social evening.

The cheque was handed over to our Team Chairman Ken Oakes by Inspector Wendy Jones.

The team would like to extend its very sincere thanks to all at Darwen Sub Division who contributed to raising this fantastic festive donation for the Bolton MRT.

We would like to especially thank Police Community Support Officer Nicholas Gisicz and Administrative Assistant Sue Taylor for their part in organising this years Christmas Social event to raise funds on our behalf.
(Nick Gisicz is a valued friend and supporter of the team in the Darwen area, in turn the team is always willing to support Nick in his work in the greater Darwen community.)

From all in the Bolton MRT to all at Darwen Sub Division, all the best for Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year.