Visit to our Base / HQ by John and Jack Sunter.

Late this morning the team welcomed two guests to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, John and Jack Sunter respectively father and son, who were visiting to view the dedication plaque to the memory of their son and brother Tom Sunter, who tragically died in a kayaking accident in late 2005 in Southern Scotland.

Following Toms tragic accident, numerous donations in his memory were made to the team, which eventually totalled £2,510.00, enabling the team, alongside a grant from the Provincial Insurance Company Trust for Bolton, to purchase in January 2007 an Aireshelta from the Aire Group Limited. This being an air inflated shelter which is used within the team as a messing / briefing facility and a bad weather shelter for team members ’ in the field.’

Met by our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, John (from Worsley) and his son Jack, were shown their son and brother Toms’ dedication plaque which is on display at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ, they were then given a tour of our Base / HQ, where team members were present doing some maintenance.

The team members present including Geoff Seddon, John Parish, Neil Warburton, Matthew Hailwood, Steve Nelson and former team member Mark Parry, present kindly helping the others, then erected the ’ Aireshelta ’ air inflated shelter tent on behalf of John and Jack to show them what the donations in Toms’ memory had purchased.

The team extends its thoughts to the Sunter family at this difficult time of year for them regards the loss of their son and brother Tom.

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