Incident 8/2009

At 15:43 this afternoon NWAS (Manchester area) paged the team for assistance with a developing incident involving an off-road motorcyclist in the Higher Ince area of Wigan.

A full team pager callout was initiated resulting in 24 team members responding to this incident.

As it turned out, the responding NWAS Response Vehicle paramedic, alongside the NWAS Emergency Ambulance crew and friends of the motorcyclist involved managed together to stretched the injured motorcyclist to the ambulance waiting at the end of Belle Green Lane, Higher Ince.

At this stage, 2 members out of the 24 responding had arrived at the RVP, when the pager stand-down message was transmitted.

(NWAA Helimed 08 had been requested to attend this incident, but with the coming onset of dusk was unable to respond)