Grateful owner of lost wallet thanks Bolton MRT and the mystery original finder.

On Sunday 11th January 2009, whilst in the team area on Winter Hill, team members in a Team Landrover were approached by a male mountain biker who had found a wallet in the vicinity of Rivington Pike, the mountain biker passing it on to the team to see if we couild trace the owner, the wallet contained credit and store cards, a large amount of cash but no direct contact detials for the owner.

Unfortunately we did not take the name of this honest mountain biker, but promised we would try and find the owner ! (a tall task)

Our Team Leader immediately contacted one of the credit card companies of the credit cards in the wallet, at this stage the company concerned said their card had not yet been reported missing, so took our Team Leaders contact details to pass on to the owner when they phoned to report the card missing, ultimately this never happened.

By mid week no one had contacted our Team Leader, so he once again contacted the credit card company to be told that the card no longer existed on their records !

Our Team Leader then spent some time contacting other leads the cards in the wallet offered (nothing direct) but did manage to get hold of another credit card company.

This time the (different) company involved contacted the card holder, resulting in our Team Leader getting almost staright away a very grateful phone call from the wife of the wallets owner.

This morning the grateful owner of the wallet, in the company of his wife collected the walllet and its contents from our Team Leader, the owner from Worsley telling our Team Leader that he had lost the wallet whilst out mountain biking and had given up all hope of finding it, despite having retraced his long mountain bike route on the day.

To thank our Team Leader for his efforts and time in reuniting him with his wallet he kindly handed over to Garry our Leader a bottle of wine, and asked if through our website we could publicly thank the original finder of his wallet, the ’unknown mountain biker’

So if you are reading this and you were the mountain biker who handed the wallet to us on the Winter Hill summit road last Sunday, then the owner would like to pass on his heartfelt thanks to you.