Visit to Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by 7th Tyldesley (St Ambrose Barlow) Guides

This evening 28 Guides and their two Leaders from the 7th Tyldesley (St Ambrose Barlow) Guides visited our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE had to be on his best behaviour as amongst the young Guides attending was his niece Hannah Rhodes.

After an introduction to the team by Garry Rhodes, Trainee Team Member Elaine Gilliland then described what it was like to be a (female) trainee team member.

This was followed by Team Council member Sue Purtil describing what it is like to be one of the relatively small number of women in our team compared to the majority of members being men. (Webmaster – basically they look after us and keep all us men ’in check!’)

The 28 Guides were then split into three ’workshops’ based around their patrols (Dolphins, Penguins and Puffins), with team members Mark Scott, Elaine Gilliland, Sue Purtill, Chris Tennant, David Carter and Peter Heeley showing the young girls present our Casualty Care equipment, our Vacuum mattress and splints all culminating in a ’blue light’ ride around the grounds of Ladybridge Hall for all the Guides in one of our Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulances.

At the end of the evening all the Guides agreed they had had a fantastic time with us, with the following entries serving as examples of their interest as written down in our Base / HQ ’Visitors Book.’

  • “Dolphins – we all enjoyed the Land Rover and learning how to carry people on stretchers, Thank you.”
  • “Hey, all of the team, we enjoyed this visit very much and it was very interesting!”
  • ” It was very interesting, enjoyable and a good service to the Community.It was fun and thank you so much we would much appreciate having you rescue us if we were ever in trouble. PS please rename your Landrover ’Vernie.’” (apparently they all decided upon this when they found out our Team Leaders first name is actually Vernon!)

At the conclusion of their two hour long visit we were very pleased to receive a very kind donation of £50.00 from the 7th Tyldesley (St Ambrose Barlow) Guides.