Team gains publicity from Parliamentary Adjournment Debate on ‘Mountain Rescue Services’ as presented by Dr. Brian Iddon, MP (Bolton, South East)(Labour)

Following the recent news thread on our website, see ’news’ articles dated Sunday 18th January 2009 and Wednesday 21st January 2009, the team has benefitted from considerable press and media interest in what we do.

A live broadcast planned for the regional ITV 1 programme Granada Reports on Wednesday evening 21st January was only cancelled when the outside broadcast unit ’went technical’ ie it broke down. Our Radio Officer, Dave Healey, who works for ITV Granada, didn’t fix it in time!

None the less Geoff Seddon our Deputy Leader was interviewed live on BBC Greater Manchester Radio on the Thursday morning 22nd January programme, adding weight to Dr. Brian Iddons Adjournment Debate.

Similarly our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was interviewed on the same topic by the daily newspaper, the Bolton News. Who in turn are incredibly supportive of the team.

Dr. Brian Iddon MP was we believe featured himself on the morning BBC 1 / TV News Report on Wednesday 21st January 2009, and on the evenings ITV Regional News Reports, on each occasion very kindly mentioning the work of his ’local’ MRT, the Bolton MRT.