Emergency call from NWAS (Manchester) followed by stand down.

Today at 13.02hrs NWAS (Manchester) paged the team regarding an emergency call they had received from a man with chest pains, unaware of his exact location but in woodlands in the Amberswood Common area of Ince Moss, Hindley, Wigan.
NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Control consulted with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes regarding an ’easting and northing’ they had received from the caller, in a bid to determine his exact location for the responding Emergency Ambulance crew.

At 13.09hrs our Team Leader based on the information he had received from NWAS had paged the team to go to standby status, this being quickly followed at 13.11hrs by a stand down from NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Control when it was established by the Ambulance crew on scene that the teams services would not be required.

As this call only involved our Team Leader in telephone calls and no team members were mobilised, it has not been recorded by the team as an incident within our Incident Listings, but is recorded here for information purposes and to note the activities of the team.