Collecting Box Update

A little later than usual is our end of February 2009 collection box update
which stands at £349.88 (compared to £468.80 at this same time last year).

This is from some of our 161 current collection points, to which tonight we
can add the very popular ’Jacksons Boat’ Public House, next to Jacksons
Bridge on the River Mersey, Sale Water Park. (Junction 6, M60)

Sale Water Park has over the years become a regular incident site for the
team, including searches and rescues (walkers and mountain bikers), with
Jacksons Boat Public House often serving as the emergency services RVP and
sometimes the post incident debrief location (ok then a pint after the
search and or rescue!) and the landlord and staff are always very
accommodating and supportive of the team.